By Helena Natanael - Sunday, October 07, 2012

Hello readers!

I'm having a long weekend right now, because I'm free until next Wednesday, my mid-term holiday :D Not really free actually, some tasks and holiday project are waiting to be done.. *sigh*

Today's post title was inspired from "Happy-Go-Lucky", a famous movie title. I change Lucky into Girly because this look might be the most girly look I've ever post until now.. I rarely wear skirt, I feel more comfortable in shorts/pants.

Last week, after finishing mid-term exam, some friends and me went to Grand Indonesia mall. I love this mall, it has lots of beautiful corner to take some snap, hehehe :p

I wear collar necklace from Romwe actually, but after my friend took some pics of me, the chain of this collar necklace broke. Ugh, bad luck for me. That's why in half of this post, I didn't wear the collar necklace :(

However I was so happy, to have a chance sharing a day at Grand Indonesia with my best friends. It was great enough to pay my-bad-luck about the collar necklace! lol. I'm not lucky, but I'm happy and I'm girly on that day ;)

- Details:
Pink top: unbranded

Collar necklace: Romwe
Purple Skirt: Orange
Watch: Revel
Mustache bracelet: from Lisa's giveaway
Flats: Yongki Komaladi

Candid shoot! I was laughing and my friend captured it ;p 

 Me and the photographer of my outfit, Arlette Wijaya ;)

with the girls :D

 And... with self timer! girls + boys = the gank :D

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