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By Helena Natanael - Wednesday, July 25, 2018

After a date night, my boyfriend drove me home. Then, when we arrived, he picked his bag and give me a handwritten letter with a small heart cushion attached to the letter. He said "because you stole my heart". It might be cheesy if it slid from ordinary person, but he ain't ordinary man. I never expect that he will become this man that I know. He is a sweet guy, always pampering me with care, always puts me first before himself. I always tried not to bother him too much but somehow he always find out what my problem is (or maybe I am too weak not to spoil it to him, he is kind of my living diary right now..)

What makes me cannot get away from him, is his persistence. He WANTS to be with me. He tries to change his bad habit for me.. even for the simple unnecessary thing like staying late when the date on our cellphone changes right when it's 0.00 AM, and saying "Happy Dayversary laff~~ ". He is not a nocturnal like I do, but he is now. For me. To make me happy.

Now I realized that my kind of happiness in a relationship is about the small things. We all love fancy dinner, wearing dresses, going somewhere instagenic or popular... I do too. However what keeps my feelings enlighten is when "HEYYAA" pop on my phone's screen and it's from him. It's that simple.  Just like the quote from Winnie The Pooh that said, it's the small things that will take up the most space in your heart.

And now, my current favorite sentence from him, is when he says, hello my pretty girl.
Happy Anniversary, Darling.

Heya guys! I'm back! This pics have been taken from 14th Feb, few months ago. I have been so busy with my graduation and thesis, *and now work lyfe* so I wasn't able to keep up in this blog. And yes I missed pouring what's in my head to writings (and also taking goooooddd OOTD pics) so here I am. Finger crossed to keep this blog well-fed, hahaha. Hope I can do blogwalking more often and getting feeds about fashion and writings from fellow blogger. Nowadays even blogger have moved to Instagram and I see lots of fashion blogger there, what is lack in Instagram is the beautiful writings. People (and insta-celebs) tend to pick some random quote as a caption of their beautiful pic, somehow I thought the pic is losing their true meaning and not get represented by the quote they picked. Instagram is also not a friendly place for long-writings, imagine how many people will read your super long caption? almost zero, hahaha. Craving for a platform to see more alphabets rather than pixels, and it makes me always come back here..

Btw me and boyfie find this lovely dessert cafe in Gading Serpong! an instagenic place, affordable gelatos... A recommended place to chill :)

Billy Darmawan

Firenze Gelateria
Ruko Golden 8, Blok H No. 2
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Serpong
Banten, Indonesia

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