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By Helena Natanael - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hi all!

Finally! an outfit post. hahaha. I have been so busy with lots of advertorial writings offer these recent months. However, the advertorial writings that I wrote in this blog, are those that I think you guys should know. Especially the iPrice article, I think it helps a lot for my "online shopping" routine :)

I wore this few weeks ago when I was going out with my friends. Since I lost my DSLR, I rarely took outfit shots because the outfit-taking-shots made me remember with my DSLR, and made me feel bad. Thank you Ellyzabeth for lending me her camera with that great lens, super love the results!

What I wore:
Jumpsuit - Romwe
Bag - PersunMall
Bangles - Grazie Dio
Shoes - Nine West

I tried to dye my hair with brownish color for this summer but I think the color didn't show as good as I hope. So.. gonna try to dye it again next month and hope this time it will turn out great :) Btw, I'm going to continue my education in Binus University, taking Computer Science (finger crossed that my eyeglasses will not getting thicker), anybody going to the same university with me? Would love to know you before the orientation phase starts! Have a great day all! ;)

Photographs by Ellyzabeth Tanaya and Michelle Christianty, standing ovation for 'em!

Central Park Mall
West Jakarta, Indonesia.

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