Out of The Blue

By Helena Natanael - Friday, May 02, 2014

The improvement of technology is amazing, I bet most of us have already used smart gadget, haven’t? However with the high-tech around us, people are still afraid of maximizing the provided feature. For  example, women are still afraid of online shopping. They don’t want to be cheated by the online shop owner. I have also been cheated once, I ordered a cloth and had paid for it but it never came.

What I wore:
Dress -  Zalora Indonesia
Bag - Fladeo clutch
Shoes - Be-bob wedges

One of some well-known online shop in Indonesia is Zalora, and I trust this online shop. Zalora is already well-known in other countries before they open their branch in Indonesia, for example in Australia, Philippines, Hongkong, Singapore and so on. My first time shopping at Zalora Indonesia was out of the blue, was unexpected, because I was browsing around some blogs and I saw the Zalora ad. I didn’t really remember what the ad looked or what the ad said, but I was interested to click it and looked on Zalora’s products. The clothes and accessories were looking good and at the reasonable price, but then I  thought about the payment method, usually online shop only accepted payment via PayPal or bank transfer. What a surprise, they also provided “Cash on Delivery” method! I quickly ask my mom’s opinion about this and she agreed to buy from Zalora. I put my orders in the shopping cart and used the discount coupon I got for the first time shopper.
I got my order about 3 days later and the goods were lovely! I was satisfied with the shipping and packaging too.  I will always count on Zalora as my outfit source, and I am not afraid anymore about online shopping.. The key is to buy something from reputable online shop.
So, are you still afraid of online shopping?

Karinda Café and Resto,
Metro Permata 1 Blok N8 No. 9-10 Karang Tengah, Ciledug, Tangerang
Banten Province, Indonesia.

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