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By Helena Natanael - Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hey all!

I'm in a getaway from my busy school schedule (read: on the internet hahaha). I can't update much since my school is currently crazy about tests. We all are trying to finish all subjects books (that suppose to be finished in one year, actually) just by 6 months. That's crazy. And that's why I can't update much.

I'm going to be a college student soon, I haven't decide my major yet but I've been thinking about some potential major for my future. lol. So this time I try to mix and match my own college look.

Blazer - chicnova, inner top - Salt & Pepper, Jeans - mom's, 
watch - Quartz (gift from a friend), flats - The Little Things She Needs

I received this lovely blazer from Chicnova. I wanna thank them for sending me this blazer via DHL, I thought they would send it via ordinary post service. The shipping time was fast and I was impressed with the way they packed the blazer, so neat and "safe".

The blazer itself is really comfortable to be worn. The blazer is a bit thick but the fabric is soft and seems like it's made from high quality fabric. The most favorite thing from this blazer, it's the candy color! It gives more cheer for me to wear it, through a hectic and busy day :)

Round of applause for the photographer, Jessica Rosadi :D wish me luck for my senior year, fellas, and have yourself a great week ahead :)

P.S.: Here's my high school uniform.. soon I will not wear this anymore :')

- Central Park Mall, West Jakarta
- UPH Karawaci

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