Pholovegraphy #2

By Helena Natanael - Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello all!
Last week, my school held a Valentine Day's celebration. We had some fun games and we also had a photobooth. Guess what? I was the photographer of the photobooth! lol. Vania Meghan, a friend of mine, also helped me to capture those sweet moments on photobooth. As I brought my DSLR to school, I capture some cute cupcakes and thingies :D

Vania Meghan and Me, the photographers of the day! ;)

The schoolmates who orders our shots :)

Last 2 weeks, I got an award from Ruby and Rosa! We met at the blogsphere, however I felt like I had known them for a loooonnngggg time. They're so friendly, and I would love to meet them soon! :D
As the usual award, they have rules. But life will be flat if we obey the rules, right? lol. So here I am to break it... I will answer their questions, but I wont nominate other blogs... I don't have any idea about who will get this award, because all blogs are amazing, I just cant decide right now. Maybe later? Forgive me, Ruby&Rosa...

As for the awards, there're several rules:
★ Acknowledge the person who passed the award to you and provide their link. ★ Include the award logo on your blog. ★ Answer 10 questions I posted below. ★ Nominate blogs and link those you have especially enjoyed reading. The number you can select is up to you.
★ Notify each individual that you have nominated them.
  I cant decide this right now.. Sorry..

Questions and Answers:
⊳ If you have a chance to get one answer from God Himself, what will you ask?
I want to ask what the purpose of my existence in this world. I feel curious, because I think, it's really hard to stand out and make difference in human race, between billions of people in this world. So I want to know why God creates me.
  ⊳ What do you think about yourself? Friendly, Calm, or ?
I'm moody. I can be calm, and in seconds I can turn into insane, lol. I'm quite friendly and love to meet new people, but once they pissed me off (by their act, their lies, etc), I will never trust them again.
  ⊳ Branded items or not branded ? Why ?
They both are completing each other. Wearing branded items are always satisfying, they are comfortable to wear and somehow boosts my confidence. In the other hand, wearing unbranded items are cool, I usually wear local unbranded items so I wish that supports local products. Unbranded items also save our money and "save" our look too, lol. Wearing unbranded items don't make u look cheesy and cheap, you can look expensive and classy by become good at mixing them :)
  ⊳ Tell me your childhood dreams that you pursue even until now?
To be a professional pianist, to visit Disneyland Paris, to become a regular donator of an international organization, and to have cat & dog pets at once.
  ⊳ If you can choose to be one of Disney characters, which character will you choose? and why?
I love all Disney Princesses characters! They prove me that you don't have to be perfect to be happy. But if I have to choose one, it's Snow White, because she is so kind and diligent.
  ⊳ What do you think about money?
Money can buy happiness. Yes, it can! It can buy happiness if you spend it wisely, like donating it to some organization (like WWF, Greenpeace, Unicef, etc). By making other people's life better, I feel happy :)

⊳ Family, friendship, money, or yourself? Choose one! ;p
Family :)
  ⊳ Tell me your best memories in life!
My junior high school graduation. I have never imagined I could accomplish such an amazing achievement. I wish I could re-experience that! :")
  ⊳ If you can go back to the past once, which year will you choose and why?
The time when I was at 8th grade. At that time, I felt like I had no burdens, I did whatever I wanted to do, I got good scores easily, I had great friends, and the boy I loved still alive.
  ⊳ Cat or Dog?
Cant decide, both are cute!

Few weeks ago, my junior high school friend, Prisilia Angelia, had her 17th birthday, and she celebrated it at Istana Nelayan Restaurant, Serpong Town Square, Banten, Indonesia. I was having a great time! :D Thank you Klara Ameliana for taking my pics ;)

What I wore:
Hairpin - mom's courtesy
Starry shirt - Romwe
Red inner top - unbranded
Jeans - Stylee
Bag - Charles & Keith (my 17th birthday present from my friends)
Shoes - Nine West

Me with Prisilia Angelia, the birthday girl :D

My junior high school close friends: (left to right) Klara - Me - Prisilia - Adrina - Josephine

Wishing you all a great week ahead! :D

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