Getting ready for autumn

By Helena Natanael - Friday, September 14, 2012

Those summer days are over. Now we're going to enter Autumn season, or well-known as fall season, my favorite season. Though in my country I can't experience it, but I just love fall season. It has its own photogenic chromosome, which is attracting me to keep interested with it. Who loves autumn too? Raise your hand! :)

Last week I went to a mall in West Jakarta, my favorite one, because it has green area/park to chill out, near to my school and my home, lol. I'm a bit depressed and stressed nowadays, being at school just not my thing right now. That's why I tease my mom to bring me outta my hectic schedule (caused by my school), and she understands. Phew. Now I can recharge some inspiration that have been empty for few weeks. Not to mention, I want to say 'thanks' for you, you guys keep coming and dropping some love on my blog though I was away! Will reply your thoughts on mid-term holiday ;)

Photographer of the day, My Mom. Thank you Mom! This post + this outfit was my favorite so far. My mom loves to take photos, that's why I'm loving it too, she's my first photography mentor. Btw I like her floral shirt! the pattern is cute! What do you think if I wear it in another outfit post? :D

See you on next post! And get prepared for my little giveaway to welcome autumn! :)

Inner top: Debenhams
Starry Blouse: Romwe
Jeans: found on my mom's closet
Bag: OASAP // Tassel Zipped Shoulder bag
Ribbon belt: from Ruby and Rosa's giveaway
Ankle boots: Nevada

 P.S.: Thankyou Lisa for this amazing Nature Republic nail polish
Love the color, I haven't tried it but I think it will look great ♥

Location: Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, Indonesia.

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