The First Month

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

People says the first month of our life, if we are lucky enough to be born, is the critical moment one. We have to adapt with our new environment outside our warm and safe mother's womb. This new environment is full of pollution, toxic, and another things that may harm our body and kill the fragile life inside us. The immunity system started to be produced by our body in this first month too. That's why, human celebrate the one month old "birthday" of their babies, to thank God who protect their babies for the first 30 days.


These past few months, I got two "one month old" cake from my cousins, celebrating their babies (I'll call them 'niece' later). They are named Liviola and Sharon. Gosh those cakes are so delicious, but it has lots of cream, and this is the cause of my fluctuation weight, and the cause why I look more chubby in my previous post  .___.

Then, last 15th July, my little bro, Jason, celebrates his 10th years old birthday. Does he look cute at the picture above? bahaha and that's his birthday cake. And guess what? It has ............. lots-of-cream too................. maybe I need to hit the gym, really...

However these cakes remind me about the time. How fast it flies. Another year are going to go. I start to think about God's blessing to me, from the day I was born, until now and forever. His love is uncountable and undeniable. Sometimes I feel like I have took the wrong choice, but in the end it turned up to be something I won't forget, something I become proud with.

How about your life? have you experienced something unforgettable these recent months/days?

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