Dream of a Girl (My Vintage Valentine)

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello Loves!

As life gets us and face us to reality, some days in every years, like today, is a day to dream and wishing something that we have asked for ages, to come true. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day, which most people celebrate by sending chocolate, roses, or teddy bear. But I appreciate this kind of ceremony, because Valentine's Day reminds us that Love still exist and still become one of some important things that we need--as a human and also as a social creature.

Girlz pink tank top, unbranded pink dots dress, Untamed black short legging, Sox Galeri black socks, Nevada ankle boots.

Actually I don't like to show off my face, lol, like the common photographer: Love to photograph, but doesn't love to be photographed.. So I set a "shiny and dreamy" photo-shoot with lots of white.. Anyway these photograph (taken by Jason, my little bro) is awesome in my standard, so I think to share it with you, for Valentine's Day post :) Sketch above is my drawings, I draw it last year when there's a Drawing subject in my school. Still raw and need much more practices and details.. but at least this sketch is a "print-out" of what kind of guy that I admire.. hahaha.. :p
What kind of guy/girl that you admire? It's a honor if you let me know it ;)

Warm Regards,
Helena Natanael ♥

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