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By Helena Natanael - Saturday, January 14, 2012


unbranded T-shirt, DIY shorts, gift from a friend "I love Bali" bag, Crocs white shoes. 

 Hola! (it's Espanol, means Hello) how your week going? Hope your week is great :)
I'm pretty surprised this week. Some stuffs in photos above, are a souvenir from my senior high school friends, when they went to another island and country last holiday. What makes me surprised is, they remember me even when they were in their vacation! They remember me as a good friend. I appreciate it so much. When I first come to my senior high school 6 months ago, I am shy and I haven't any close friend, especially in my classroom. But now, I have some :') They're so kind and nice to me, how happy I am to have friends like them.

One of some souvenir that I got is a bag from Bali. Even it's not branded, but I like it because I think Bali is the second paradise in Earth. The culture, the environment, the natives, and the beaches are more than great! You should go there if you have time. I always dream to go there one day, and play in the Kuta and Ubud Beach! (although nowadays Kuta beach is not too comfy to visit, because of "too crowd" and "too trashy" because its popularity)  So this outfits is based on what I wear to go to a beach: A comfortable and thin T-shirt (the temperature will be hot! don't forget to use a sunscreen too if you wanna avoid skin-burn), short pants, a bag that fit enough to carry your stuffs, and slipper (I prefer to Crocs shoes, I just love to wear it if I am going to somewhere wet and humid, like the beach).

Thanks for Lolly Land for this cute handicraft Reindeer Christmas tree decor,when I bought some of their candies. This handcraft is so cute, love it!! <3

After Bali, I wanna visit Europe and scrolling around it! Europe has a unique culture, historical buildings, 4 seasons (yes, I'm experiencing only 2 seasons in my country), but the reason why I wanna go there is because it's amazing blends of art and technology. What kind of country/place that you wanna visit? ^^

Wishing you all a good day!

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