Raditya Dika Goes to My School! (the twice!)

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello all! Have you got your semester holiday already? How your day going? Hope you all have a nice day.

I'm kinda surprised when I'm looking on my blog stats. The most popular post that seen hundred times by lots of people, is about RADITYA DIKA !

See? It's surprising me, how can my short post with only one pic about Raditya Dika, attracted more than 100 views? and my other posts... as you can see.. nobody view it.. *sigh*
Nah but it's alright, in fact his humorist attitude attracted so much people. Especially Indonesian, of course..

And me, I don't know how to tell it, am I that lucky so I can meet him twice? First time, on my junior high school journalism session. (click here to read that popular post that I've talked about - I wrote it in Bahasa). Then, I met him last month (5th November 2011), when my Senior High School held a cup, and they invited Raditya Dika as a guest star, his stand up comedy was pretty funny and shaking everyone's stomach.
So now, let me post some pics I shot when I met him! Enjoy :)

recording him

Happy Holidays! ;)

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  1. Congratulations darl :) I hope your blog being nice:) Keep blogging and touch-in with my blog. Xo.

  2. Hi thanks for your comment. I hope that you continue to follow me.
    I advertised some pictures about Christmas Lights.
    I'm very busy but I'll try to follow you
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  3. Keep blogging. You're such an inspiring person :)


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