Seventeen, Ice cream, and everything between

By Helena Natanael - 5:13 PM

Hello all!

Now I'm 17 years old! yay! hahaha... In my country, being 17 means you've been mature enough to carry your responsibility, you can do much things without bringing your parents anymore. I made little dessert party at Magnum Cafe, Grand Indonesia, on 7th December 2012. Thank God, it was the best party deal I've ever made!

Attention, this post contains much photos. Usually caused slow load pages. Be patient please, thank you :)

These are some photo made by my friends on my birthday! lol =))

by Gabriela Cynthia

by Anna Maria Sherly

by Rosalie Setiady

from Google! hahaha

from Ellyzabeth Tanaya, Aurelia Karina, Jessica Rosadi, Shella Gisela,
Clara Nathania, Cindy Nathania, Michelle Christianty, 
Sesilia Michelle, Arlette Wijaya, Airawati Surjana, and Rosalie Setiady

-- Last but not least thank you for Vania Meghan, Karina Apriladhatin, Anna Maria Sherly, Richard Tjeng, Daniel Pratama, Darren Rinaldo, Adelina Kumalasari, Celin Tesvara, Gladys Indrayani and Geraldo for your gifts! I love it!! ♥ ♥

The invitation. I made the invitation by myself, digitally. 
I also spread it through messenger and social network, to reduce the using of  paper :D

my little bro! haha looks like a big boss :p

I choose Anna Maria Sherly, as the most fashionable guest in my birthday party! 
Look at that outfit, oh queen of vintage!

with dad and mom :D

Magnum Cake, the gift from Magnum Cafe's staff. Such a surprise! ♥

Thanks girls and guys for giving me a fantastic birthday ever! . Have a nice day! My birthday giveaway (it's a beauty giveaway) will be launched exactly 4 days from now! So keep in touch ;)

Photo credit:
Ellyzabeth Tanaya from Lisa and Her World
Clara Nathania
myself ;)

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