Fashion Into Strength [Guest Post]

By Helena Natanael - 10:22 PM

When you find yourself in the grips of a dark time in your life, you naturally reach for the strength you can find in yourself. You are a strong woman, and if you are reading this, nothing has defeated you. Sometimes, you might feel as though you have nothing left, but the fact that you continue is a testament to your strength and inner beauty. If you are someone who finds strength in beauty, consider what something like looking at your favorite fashions can do to help you in your darker moments.

There is no end to the trouble that women face. Mesothelima cancer caused by asbestos exposure can bring us down, but we know that we can always get back up and start swinging again. Are you someone who is invested in looking good no matter what you are facing? Remember that fashion is a great way to find yourself again, especially if you are someone who has been dealing with endless rounds of doctor’s visits at a mesothelioma cancer center. Take some time to think about where you are at when it comes to the kind of fashion you love most.

This summer is ushering in a light, bright and breezy style, so if you have ever wanted to get in touch with your own bohemian character, now is the time. A peasant blouse and a flowing skirt are all that you are going to need when you want to enjoy some fun in the sun, and you’ll discover that there are plenty of accessories that you can use to set off this enjoyable outfit. For example, find lots of silver and gold bangles so that you can jingle wherever you go, or cover your hair with a brightly colored scarf. An outfit like this is perfect for anyone who is invested in something a little out of the ordinary.

On the other hand, if you are someone who has always loved the Victorian age, consider brightening up your wardrobe with some steampunk pieces. Steampunk fashion incorporates Victorian fashions into an updated retro-future look for the times, and if you love structure, gears and leather, this is the look for you. For example, take advantage of the long skirts to give your shape a little more bounce and elegance and wear some interestingly retro jewelry to give your frame a little more visual variety. Use one or two steampunk items for a very understated look or go over the top and design your own outfit from the bloomers out. If you love daring, innovative fashion, this is one option that you must explore!

Don’t forget that you should think about coverups as well. If you are committed to maintaining a wardrobe in dark colors and which has great lines, remember that you can do a lot with a few wrap tops or a few other things that will go over your current clothes. Look for coverups that come in brilliantly bright colors or jewel tones; this is a good way to make sure that you can have some color whenever you like. 

If you are a fashion fan or a fashion neonate, make sure that you take the time to consider what kind of effect you want to create. People can be amazingly creative when it comes to creating their look, and if you are prepared to express yourself, there has never been a better time to start. Take a moment to think about what your options are when it comes to the kind of look you want and choose pieces that help you contribute to that look. For example, does your severe outfit make you want to soften it up with an angora scarf, or do you want to choose something similarly angular and strict? If you have a perfect black skirt, can you throw a jingly coin belt on top of it for some visual and textural context?

Take a moment to think about the kind of look you want to create and to make sure that you know what you want when it comes to clothing. There are so many terrific choices available for you today that you can look exactly how you want.

 Loves, Jackie Clark

Hello guys! next week the 12th graders in Indonesia will face the National Examination.. I wish them luck! Hope you guys will passed with great scores :D

I'm surprised when few days ago check my inbox and got an e-mail from Jackie, the woman who wrote the post above. I couldn't believe my eyes that my reader so interested in this blog and she even wants to write a guest post! Jackie joined the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance in 2009 as research assistant after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English. Jackie's interest in health and wellness spawned into a passion for fashion from her desire to treat her body well. Jackie saw the power in fashion and how it can enhance a woman's overall self-esteem. As a result of this, Jackie was able to blend her experience in technical and medical research to assist in the development of medical content and outreach efforts, with specializations in alternative care, cancer support programs, and social media campaigns. To learn more about Jackie follow her blog and writings at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.

Thanks Jackie for spreading the love to my readers, I believe all people are beautiful, no need to be shy and desperate because our sickness (in this case: cancer), why we need to look down, when there are big reasons in life to look up to God & say thank you?

Have yourself a great weekend!

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