believing and achieving

By Helena Natanael - 4:35 PM

Heihoo guys !
hows life there ? hope you all in a great health ^^

The holiday is over right now. My holiday is really great :D
How is about yours ?
I went to The city of Heroes. Guess what ? Yeah, It's Surabaya, the 2nd largest city in Indonesia! This city is the capital of East Java, Indonesia. It has been developing at an amazing rate in recent years ! The Juanda International airport @ Surabaya is really sophisticated ! This city is well-design , less less less traffic jam (than Jakarta), and I just can say, "This city is really recommended for you to visit !".

 @Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

 @ The Java's Sky, it's awesome, right ?

That's me in front of the Surabaya Monument, the icon of Surabaya, near the Surabaya Zoo, hehehe...

@ The Tugu Pahlawan Monument area, Surabaya, East Java.

  @ The Tugu Pahlawan Monument area, Surabaya, East Java. "Merdeka ataoe mati" means "freedom or die!"

The Tugu Pahlawan Monument, Surabaya, East Java.

The tourist bus. The bus really full of art, thumbs up for Surabaya's Government !

The main gate of The Tugu Pahlawan Monument


The Majapahit Hotel, in the past known as "Oranje Hotel". This 5 star hotel built during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia, however the architecture is still in great condition - yup, the architecture and the furnitures are original from the Dutch colonial era !

The SuraMadu (Surabaya-Madura) gate. Short gate, but it takes my breath away when I see the gate through my own eyes.. Gosh it is very beautiful..

Time to go ! Thanks Dad for bring me to the sophisticated Surabaya, xoxo.

Well, Im not a big fan of school. Imma normal girl, I hate it when Monday comes, and I thank God if its Friday already. I gain time to study even the next day is my final exams. Im Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, chitchat-ing as I open my history textbook.

But since I realize what I want, and I know I can achieve 'em, I wanna cherish my life more. No need to be the best as always, just do your best effort and you are the winner of yourself!
Life is a lesson, you live to study along your life. So what's life if you can't live in its purpose? =)

- Lia Wp

By the way, I'm officially a Senior High School student now ! yeayy ! I continue my education in SMAK 4 Penabur Jakarta. This is my last achievement. I've graduated from my junior high school as the best student, moving forward one step from my primary school graduation, I just getting the runner-up place.. Big Thanks to God, my family and the people who always support me :")
Now, let we back to school, enjoy your school-time, one day you'll miss them all..

Cheers !

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