The Capturer

Born underneath Sagittarius star sign. Living between West Jakarta-Tangerang. Currently studying computer science in a well-known university in Alam Sutera, just say hi if you meet her! Commonly known as writer, song maker, and next-door photographer. Indonesian-Chinese, but she feels like a Parisian inside. She wishes to explore around the world, interested to discover new places she's never come before.

This blog started on early 2009, once was made to fulfill her 'virtual diary' needs. But then, puberty gives her a big decision making, and she started to write about fashion on her blog since 2012... until now. Supported with quite good photography skill that she learned by herself, capturing things beautifully is a must for her, and she believes a quote "the best camera is the one that you have with you".

This blog was known as "My Random Thoughts". Trying to be more mature, neat, and represents the owner better, she changes the title of this blog into "Capturing Reves". Capturing, is what she loves to do, and Reves, or Rêves [/Rɛv/, noun] in French means "dreams" (plural), is the thing that keeps her in fire.

She isn't a petite girl with long legs and XS cloth size. But she is proud with herself and keep trying to be her best self. She isn't a celebrity, so taking pictures from this blog isn't prohibited, as long as you don't use it for commercial use, especially if the pictures was taken by her. Believe me, you won't make money that much! and as a humble person, it will not scratch your dignity if you gives a credit to her (and also every photo source). Instead, if you are interested to use pictures taken by her, or even interested to cooperate with her, you can kindly contact her. She would be happy to help :) and oh, does she mention that she can help designing your blog layout?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Helena Lucia Natanael

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