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December 18, 2011

Daddy Buddy! (Part 2)








T-shirt: Unbranded, I bought it in Ciledug
Black Coat: daddy's cloth, bought in Amsterdam
short: Nevada

Hey all!

The holiday has started! yippie! I've been missing holiday for 6 months! My school drives me crazy, I can't relax even for a week! Assignments, Tasks, Homeworks, all of those kinds everywhere! fyuh... and Thank God it has passed! A little disappointment I get when I received my report. My math score was awful, but fortunately the other subjects isn't too bad. Gosh.. I will study harder next semester to improve my scores, I promised myself that.

Okay, let's leave all depression behind and start to enjoy this holiday. This "Daddy buddy! (part 2)" is the last dreckitude fashion spread I post on my blog. Actually these photoshoot was taken months ago, when I get a short Idul Fitri holiday, but as you all have known before, my school's homeworks prevent me from posting this sooner.. *sigh*.

By the way, thanks a lot for all your time, passing by and sight-seeing my blog! This blog has reached more than 5000 pageviews since it launched, and more than 1000 pageviews in last 8 months! Hip hip horray! It's such a sweet appreciation from you guys.. Big thanks for you, again and again..

Wishing you a happy holidays!