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October 14, 2011


lollipop - heartbreak

If it isn't hurt, it's not love. - Mario Teguh



At first, I welcomed you into my life. I gave you my affection. I gave you my hope and my
 happiness. I left my friends to be with you, my curiosity led me to find out more about you.


I start to love. Smiling to the wind, starring to the sky. Reality feels like better than dreams. Everyday is a new spirit, everyday is full of love, everyday is a smile and laughter.

move on.

But what I get ? Hurts, Cries, Scars. You leave, and a piece part of me was taken.. I knew my life will never be the same. I realized I need to move on, so though you were the most amazing person I thought I ever knew, I told myself that I must walk away.



When I were walking away, I wiped my tears. I put a pokerface on. You are the past, not the future.

  facing future

The world really will never be the same. Yeah, it's getting better actually. I admit, sometimes, when I hear our "love song", it reminds me about you. How fast you changed, and How I didn't realize the real you.
But however, thanks for those memories. Take care :)


Heiyaa there guys! Actually I hate posting about heartbreak, ya know that there's so many amazing topics to share than the heartbreak.. So why I still posting this? B'cos my heart lollipop is falling down and break apart! hahaha.. *so silly* Then I read about "how to forget ur ex" at, on 11th October, "All Is Well, Ends Well" at AR's polaroid camera on 1st October, and opened a random blog straight from AR's polaroid camera to Emotional Flutter's First Heartbreak. So, they just gimme some inspiration to make this photoset *big smile*

What I wear :
- unbranded batik I bought in Ciledug.
- unbranded mini legging I bought in Ciledug (again).
- yellow T-shirt I got from Student's Day Competition last year and Fantasy heart lollipop as accs ;) *on 2nd photo*

These pictures taken by my brother and some are taken by timer, hohoho. So sorry for too much backlights in few photos, I still too shy to be a model :s
However, this is my first post about fashion! yeah! Really inspired by Ellyzabeth Tanaya's fashion blog, her blog inspires me to make a fashion post.. hehehe.. *just click on her picture below to visit her blog*


How about your day? And what do u think about my outfit? Really hope you guys like it *crossing fingers*
Feel free to comment and share your opinion, I'll really appreciate it! Thank you :D

PS: on Friday I post this, then Saturday(15/10) the #ThanksToMyEx become the TT on twitter! gosh, whatta fortune! hahaha.. By the way, See No More by Joe Jonas is totally awesome! just watch it ! it related to the "heartbreak." :)