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November 28, 2010

Ending the year with happiness : THINK POSITIVE

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to do so.

Hey guys !

I wanna tell a little story of my life..

I once fell in love with someone, we’re good friends and I was admiring him. It felt like a dream, when I knew that person was felt same, so we’re having time together. Our relationship was going on the best way, for me.  Suddenly, the person that I loved broke our relationship because of something that I hadn’t ever known. He said that he would never tell me about that. I had to search it myself. Then I told him I felt very sorry, I asked for second chance to save our relation, BUT HE DIDN’T GIVE ME ANY CHANCES.

Of course you could guess what happened next. Weird but true, even I was very disappointed with him; I couldn’t hate him at all. Maybe because there’s still love remaining in my heart. Ah, it’s a burden!

At first I was down and sad all along day. But all my closest friends always motivated me and tried hard to open my mind.

“What is the reason for crying him ? He is not thinking of you at all, even less crying for you..” said Tammy, one of my best friend.

“You should not always think about him, he is not so worthy, right? I never imagine, he can do this to you. I think he has become a man, but the fact is still to act like a boy!” continued Friska, one of my best friends too. 

There’re still Amel, the one who always made I getting my stomach ache because of her best jokes! With laughing, I felt much better.

“Helen, you should tell all your problems and burdens to God.. He is the one who can understand you best,” said Sisil

I was thinking, if I was stuck here, surely this problem would disturb and destroy my activities, my achievement, and my life. I will never let it happen.

I have learned one precious thing from this trouble. To live, we have to think positive.

It looks very simple, but can you do it?

When I bring that word to my life, I realize that it’s hard to do

Just try to discover the positive part on every problem, you’ll find it soon.

Then after I have tried to solve the problem with positive thinking, I find MANY GREAT THINGS come and to be uncovered because of this “silly-but-hurts” problem!

  1.  First, I have friends indeed, the persons who are always around when I need them, they always support me and lift me so finally I have enough energy to get up.. Then when I’ve succeeded going up (even just little by little), they’re already made a congratulation party to receive and welcome me! Wow! How lucky I am!
  2. Second, my relationship with my parents become better.. my parents thoughts are so fit to contend life’s problem !
  3. Third, once I was not like with one subject because I couldn’t understand anything about it.. But now, after I’ve managed my time better and more efficient, I CAN UNDERSTAND AND REMEMBER THAT SUBJECT VERY WELL! Oh my gosh, I never imagine about this !
  4. Fourth, I feel I am changing.. I can manage my emotion, I do anything carefully, I do unto others like I want others do unto me, I’m not a negative thinker anymore, and I can enjoy my new part of my life much better than before by thinking positive.

Have you ever experienced this:

Person that once is your best friend, partner, lover, or part of your soul;
but after you’re separated or split,
then they are busy to make you down and feel sad?

If yes, Give Thanks.

That is God’s way to show you, you’re so lucky not to have a relation with them anymore. You’re too worthy for people like them, you can have better one!

(Mario Teguh)

Guys, by going through hurting experiences, our real personality is carved to become an amazing person. Personality carving process is very hurt, not many people can go through that process, some become stressed, depressed, and down, but believe that this hard process will bring out a great outcome, as worthy as the process.  

Now I realize, God let it happen in my life for my goodness, for shaping my personality better than before.Im really thankful about it.

With a lot of smile, I say hello to new days and new persons that will come soon. I am sure; somewhere out there, someone is waiting to meet me, find me, and fall in love with me, on the right time, hahahah looks like a dreamer, huh ? And of course he is much better than him who hurts me.. (my cheek is blushing now, hahah)
Yes, I am sure and I believe it, hahaha :D

I'm promise to myself, this post will be the last post of my broken heart in this year, and also be the last post about this guy. I will never post about this guy anymore. He is my past.

Jessica Cress said, "If you live your life in the past , you waste the life you have to live..". Don’t waste your time with the wrong person. If he/she still can’t realize what you have for them, LEAVE THEM.

However, I still have to say "Thank You". Those two words say a lot. I'll learn to say that, even for the smallest things. Then, we have to appreciate others, whoever they are, and never put vengeance on anyone. Fill out your days with anything that is good.

Wilson Kanadi said, "No matters how good or bad the things I get, I believe everything is from God. And everything comes from God always for a good purpose." Oh my gosh, it's really true !

So guys, The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. (by Eminem). Live your life, and always be positive !

Picture : This is my bestie :D

Cheers !